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The Technology

A Large Market Seeking Innovation

Inflatable floatation devices continue to be based on high pressure CO2 contained in heavy, bulky and potentially unsafe metal cylinders.

Over the past 70 years there has been little if no significant innovation in the inflatable water floatation industry geared to improving product design, safety and affordability.

There is a substantial market opportunity for a new inflation method enabling more flexibly designed, compact, lighter, safer and inexpensive floatation products.

Our proprietary technology use of gas and unique valve offers several substantial benefits over high-pressure CO2 cylinders.


Lightweight and flexibility product design. Our use of smaller gas containers enables great design flexibility since product configurations are no longer limited by a fixed and heavy metal cylinder


low pressure inflation mechanism and low temperature gas storage for safer products.


fewer components needed for inflation mechanism, reducing product weight and cost.


products can be easily refilled reducing product waste.

Sea Ark's inflation Gas properties

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